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VIETNAM On the eastern part of the Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam is a narrow strip of land extending from China in the North to Mekong Delta in the South. After decades of war, and years of reconstruction, the communist government have started a renovation policy during the last twenty years, and has allowed free-market and encouraged foreign investments. The country have seen rapid growth, and over the past ten years the number of tourist have increased steadily.
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IN SHORT Entering Vietnam by air is relatively simple and international connections are proposed by numerous companies. Domestic flights are available between major cities. Unless you are a citizen from a neighbour asian country, you probably need to get a Visa from Vietnamese embassy before entering the country. The local currency is the Dong (1US$ = 20,000 Dong). US dollars are also accepted in many places. Credit cards are more and more accepted for purchases, and ATMs can be found throughout Vietnam’s major cities. Accommodation and infrastructure are correct, standard of health and cleanliness improved a lot in recent years, but the usual rules for healthy living in a tropical environment apply.
GAY Homosexuality is not a crime in Vietnam. Though for years, gays have not been accepted probably because of Confucian traditions, younger generations are now more open-minded and it seems not to be a problem anymore for many to be openly gay. You will find all addresses of gay owned and gay friendly establishments in Vietnam in this website.
FACTS To try to imagine the rights of the Gays in Vietnam, some events should be known :
  • In 2001, a survey found that 82% of Vietnamese believe that homosexuality is not acceptable.
  • An official media, declared in 2002 that homosexuality is a "social evil" comparable to illegal drugs and prostitution.
  • In 2007, a survey conducted by HCMC University revealed that 80% of pupils said that homosexuality is not "bad".
We can notice homosexuality is not seen as a normal development, but rather an oddity. However family values and traditions remain important. Pressure is strong for sons and daughters to marry and have children.
WARNING Legal age of consent is 18 in Vietnam. Prostitution is illegal.

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